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August 7, 2003

After 8 days of being Joe jobbed, its over .... for now. Unfortunately there is little that one can do when a low life is beyond the reach of the law hiding under some rock overseas. It can happen again, it could happen to you! Lets hope not. Please support Internet laws that prevent such vermin to victimize people who use the Internet, properly.


If You've Received Spam From  is currently (Jul-Aug 2003) victim of a joe job, a malicuos attack against us that some worthless waste of human life is sending out spam and using in the return address.
    If you check the headers carefully (or show them to your local mail guru), you'll see that the spam actually came from someplace else. If a web site is advertised in the body of the message, it isn't
    In fact, if you investigate this spam in more detail, you'll probably find that the IP address that the spam came from doesn't belong to the spammer either: it belongs to some average joe whose machine got raped by the spammer.
    We don't spam. We don't condone spam. You didn't get spam from us. We make every effort possible to prevent spam, in this case we are victims like the recipient of the spam.
There is little we can do, if you like to investigate further the history of "joe jobs" Have a search on Google using the words:  SPAM JOE JOB

October 17, 1999
Mississauga Camera Club is now online. New images added to RareEarth Photography's Site. The For Sale Section has been opened.

November 1, 1998
Changed RareEarth Photography's Home Page

October 31,1998
Modified Theme to change common Banner Header on each page with a piece of one of my images.

October 30,1998
Created new navigation bars on the left using some JavaScript as the automated ones with FrontPage are way too limiting.

October 26, 1998
Worked on RareEarth Gallery, started placing pictures in the gallery. Currently there are six links to new pictures. Setup some more construction barriers around the web site



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